“I was really impressed with the one-rail kick that you showed me - you are obviously very intelligent. I had to give you the money immediately to see the rest of the video - it's about time that I learn the correct way to do things - and I'm sure the rest of your methods will be just as logical.”
- John C.

“Thank Ron for his system. I've tried his Basic aiming from the web site and have seen a nice improvement. Looking forward to his DVD and manual.”
- Michael B.

“I am looking forward to putting this into practice!”
- Glenn B.

“This system has made a HUGE difference in my Pool Game.
Almost from the start I began to see how much improvement I could achieve with your system!
I’m so glad I bought the DVD!”
- Paul G.

“If you’re a student of the game and looking to take it to the next level, then Ron’s system is a must!”
- John K.

“My best friend and pool coach, Ron Vitello (Ronnie V) taught me so much about pool, poker and life in general that it’s hard to put into words. He gave me my first 90/90 pool lesson over the phone and I couldn’t believe how well it worked. So, I asked for an in-person lesson in NYC.
After my first in-person lesson, Ron told me he would teach me for free if I would ever make the trip to NYC again. Of course, I drove back and forth to NYC for lessons countless times, dragging as many of my friends along as humanly possible. Not only was Ron the most generous person I’ve ever met, he was without a doubt one of the very top pool instructors in the world and was a true genius. His 90/90 aiming system and his other pool knowledge will live on forever. RIP Ronnie V, we love you!”
- Anonymous

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