• What is the 90/90 Aiming System?

    It’s simple, teaching avid players to take their pool game to the next level through the proper Aim and angles for the short and “long range” pool shots.
  • Is Ron’s System good for new players and beginners?

    Not typically… While we believe you can learn more than a few key nuggets, it’s really geared toward players who have great understanding of the fundamentals and are ready for the next level.
  • I have been playing pool for quite some time now, what can I expect from Ron’s System?

    If you’re a good pool player, Ron’s System will make you a better player.
    Learning the exact points and proper placement of your cue and the necessary angles and rail kick will allow for more consistency and a higher percentage of clean shots made.
  • Does the DVD & Workbook come together or are the sold separately?

    We only sell the DVD and we offer the workbook Free of charge and it’s included.
  • Will there be a downloadable version for future purchase?

    That is something we’re working on and it will be available in the near future.

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