About Ron

When Ron Vitello was asked to describe himself, Ron didn't blink an eye...
He said "I'm a high content pocket billiards teacher & coach."

Ron brings so much to this learning program that he developed over a 15 year period. Revolutionary, easy-to-understand, easy-to-use are words that always describe the 90/90 Aiming System that he created.

He was a dedicated, patient and encouraging teacher and his training skills were excellent.

To students, professionals and admirers of the systems approach everywhere, Ron Vitello was the "father of a new ear in pocket billiards instructional technology." Ron was also many things included a devoted husband to his wife Eva.

Unfortunately Ron passed a few years ago, but his memory and legacy live on. Ron had the greatest passion for teaching and loved being in that environment.

He also was an avid poker player and has many tournament wins to his credit.

His attention to detail was what made him such an incredible instructor.

Ron's message was simple...

"The results will astonish you. My approach and system is easy to learn and easy to master.

Indeed, in just 4 hours you will develop superb aiming skills."

- Ron Vitello

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